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Tips for Overseas Investors

02 Mar 2021
Tips for Overseas Investors

Any Investor from overseas who want to tap the property market in Pakistan is the right time now! The government making real estate investment easy for people in overseas countries, the graph is increasing to the real estate market. Moreover, nothing is hidden from the public's eyes because of technological advances, including the constant penetration of social media into our lives. This means that potential foreign buyers can get all the details on property investments in Pakistan and do not leave their homes comfortably.

Let us talk first about some essential investment tips for overseas investors.

Conduct Thorough Research

You can virtually visit the land you have set your eyes on through YouTube videos, reviews on Facebook, and several pictures on the Internet. Before you choose the property, however, do your homework. It's an issue that requires research, strong intelligence, good analytical skills, and a third eye that can feel fraudulent practices of any kind. Begin as soon as possible with your research. Use your peers, friends, or family network for online resources. This is how you can practically achieve your research work. Don't surrender soon. Some of the aforementioned opportunities may be lucrative but they may take some time to attain maturity.

Get Legal Advice

Contribute to a legal service that can check the background. Explore every detail related to a developer of a property. Before purchasing a property, here is a checklist to consider:

  • Plans for approved layout/construction

Credible projects have a sort of plan or design to be examined by potential buyers. The appropriate government authorities must approve all these layout plans.

  • A record of ownership of property

You must ask for evidence about the developer's history of the property they sell. All authentic developers have their current and past project's official records.

  • All fees have been cleared for the property

Do not purchase anything with duties pending, such as utility charges and taxes on property, etc. You better not deal with them if a seller is willing to put that financial burden on you.

  • Request the original registry copy

While we have already discussed the importance of documentation, special emphasis is needed in this section. Request always the title and/or letter of allocation. Do Copy. Indeed, it is still a good idea to scan all such documents immediately and to save them.

Visit Before Making Final Payment

Before purchasing a property, always do legal due diligence. Ensure that the titles of property are free of problems and that no complications will occur. Carefully pass the contract between the builder and the buyer.

Make an Offer

If the seller receives not many offers or tries to sell investments faster, do not be afraid to offer less than the requested price. Do not only indicate the price you are prepared to pay but use your negotiating skills to reduce the price. Don't offer too much for the seller to insult and he/she won't be willing to continue. It is better to hire a real estate agent who is good at negotiation if you are not strong in negotiation.

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